“My words will not return to me empty.”   
Isaiah 55:11

The exness download land is old with stories.
The story of the land that was taken, the story of the land
that was fled. The land tells its story in our feet, in our weary eyes
as we look out over it and feel the pulse of home.

The body is also old with stories,
the story of the hands that have held the tools and the weapons,
the story of the body
that exness download pc was beaten down, the story of the body that also did the beating.
The stories of the land and of the body
have always been the stories of love broken against the stones.

There was the stone of self, there was the stone of letting another occupy it.
There was the stone of the heart, there was the stone of another striking at it.
There was the stone of the dream, there was the stone of another waking it.
There was the stone of the desire, there was the stone of the restraint.

I know the world lies covered with stones and the stones are speaking. 
And when they gather, the stones become a mountain. It has always been this way.
The mountains have always longed to be whole again.
It is what they remember deep below the oceans that cover them,
that make them appear they are apart.
It is what they know of their wholeness that threatens,
that under the names of places, there is one place.
That under the names of people, there is one person.
The story knows this, and the story holds the map.
And the map has been unfolded. It longs to be filled.

Laura Hope-Gill

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In 1998, I read Fritjof Capra's Web of Life. I was living in a small cabin in the Pacific Northwest at the time. It was the year I spent alone, venturing into the human world four days a week to teach adult basic education at a nearby college. In that solitude, I moved amid the layers of being, from the mundane to the numinous, discovering everyday the vastness of human experience. Reading Web of Life, I rejoiced at Capra's melding of the natural sciences. I wondered, though, where do human thought and emotion come into play in this? Certainly, if all is connected, then our internal processes and those of all living (and non-living) things are also part of this great web just as mysticism mirrors physics in Tao of Physics. Also, it follows that the soft sciences addressing these internal processes integrate with the hard sciences, but how? I sent my question to Dr. Capra. He replied, in hand-writing: "What a wonderful area for you to explore." The Healing Seed Center for Geopoetics is the result of his encouragement.

                                                                                    Laura Hope-Gill, Founder


MFA from Warren Wilson MFA Program for Writers, NC Arts Fellow in Creative Nonfiction, Founder and Director of Asheville Wordfest, First Poet Laureate of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Poet-author of The Soul Tree: Poems and Photographs of the Southern Appalachians, Essayist-author of Look Up Asheville: A Journey Through Architecture.








Draws together trans-disciplinary, cross-cultural resources.

Offers life-changing conversation, encourages creative thought.

Provides organic, holistic problem solving, change agency, creativity counseling.

Builds community through class-offerings and programs.

Because Geopoetics includes and applies to all aspects of life, The Healing Seed Center for Geopoetics serves people, relationships, companies, non-profits, communities and the world.

Using the principles of poetry such as economy, structure, inclusion, limits and complexity, the Geopoetics Center guides people to accommodate multiple systems within a whole at all levels of life on earth.

The earth, the world, your life:  it is all one poem.




The Healing Seed Center for Geopoetics is in the process of acquiring 501(c)3 status.

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